Mycelia materials

CNC Exotic Mushrooms is partner of US-based (NY) Ecovative Design to exclusively produce and distribute the Ecovative patented raw materials in Europe, supporting a growing ecosystem of mycelium-based companies and products throughout the European Union.

Ecovative uses its mycelium bio-fabrication platform to grow award-winning, environmentally friendly materials used in a wide range of products—from home compostable packaging to structural composites for furniture, acoustics, and buildings—and for wetland and landscape restoration.

CNC brings tremendous expertise in growing mycelium as well as an established network of distribution. It brings a supply point of mycelium materials to Europe and supports and nurtures the growing ecosystem of mycelium based products. The partnership between CNC and Ecovative assures a safe and certifiable source of mycelium materials.

Are you an European user interested in ordering large quantities of bulk materials, for e.g. building projects, acoustical materials, or packaging?  
Please contact CNC via 

Are you an artist or designer and interested in ordering smaller quantities?
Visit the Ecovative web-shop (

Are you interested in starting your own mycelium products business in Europe?
Please contact Ecovative directly or visit for licensing options.