CNC Exotic Mushrooms wins FD Gazellen award for eighth year running

CNC Exotic Mushrooms has won the Financieele Dagblad FD Gazellen award for the eighth year running. This marks the Hedel-based company as one of the fastest-growing businesses in the Netherlands.

Every year Financieele Dagblad draws up a list of the fastest-growing businesses in the Netherlands: the FD Gazellen. These are companies that have achieved average sales growth of 20% or more over the past three years. CNC Exotic Mushrooms is once again one of the members of this select group. The company produces wood and compost substrates for growing exotic mushrooms including Shiitake, king oyster mushrooms, Nameko, beech mushrooms and sun mushrooms. CNC Exotic Mushrooms’ customer base is made up of professional mushroom growers in the Netherlands and abroad.

Certified organic

CNC Exotic Mushrooms offers top-quality, high-yielding substrates, customer-friendly delivery and a flexible service and specialist knowledge on growing exotic mushrooms. All the wood substrates are certified organic by Skal ( 
The substrate packs are made by heating sawdust to kill any unwanted moulds and bacteria. Then the sawdust is spawned (planted with ‘mushroom seeds’) and the mycelium (the fungi threads) grows through the packs. Depending on the type of mushroom, the substrate packs are ready for use after between three weeks and three months.